The platform for co-creation through projects

Cocreate Careers connects students and educational institutions with small and medium-sized enterprises.

Build & showcase your experience

Complete company projects and challenges throughout your studies. Build your network, and ease your transition from graduate to professional


Easily search and apply for relevant projects and challenges

Track and measure your progress

Complete, deliver and receive signed certificates documenting your experience

Strengthen your CV, portfolio and network

Project deliverables relevant for your business

Get help with projects and challenges to strenghten your business. Become more aware of the skills that students possess and avoid the costs of wrongful hiring.

create projects

Create projects and challenges for students to solve

Track and measure project progress

Increase productivity and improve decision making through insightful project deliverables

Built-in non-disclosure functionality when you need it

Provide relevant practical experience

Strenghten the student’s relevant practical experience as part of their curriculum. Provide your students with experience and a network of possible future employers

educatinal classes

Connect your students with a variety of SMEs with real-time challenges

Easily search and find relevant projects for your courses

Invite SMEs to join course customised projects for students to solve

Track and measure the student project progress